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 If you want to get your book in front of the widest possible audience, you’re going to need a publisher. Pr Productions And Publishers can help you handle all the hurdles and stress involved in bringing your work out into the public sphere. We have loads of experience when it comes to bringing books to life, and can help you identify the right strategies to get your work out to the people who are most likely to enjoy it. Give us a message on the form for details on how to submit your manuscript. We are always on the lookout for fresh and new talent and are firmly committed to all our authors.

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PR Productions And Publishers puts out a wide range of books on a variety of different subjects. Some of the most popular titles we’ve published include A Forgotten Hero, A Cab Ride and we have also been a promoting partner of many books such as Scars, An Ocean Of Thoughts.

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It is said that nobody remembers those who finish second. But somehow, somewhere fate brings certain heroes to life. Enclosed within is the struggles and laurels of one such athlete. He led a life dominated by running...running...running. He was just a village boy whose mother died at childbirth and whose father died in her memories. This young man recruited himself in the Army at a young age and became an athlete by default. And what followed is the stuff legends are made of. Makhan Singh. The name might not sound familiar. In fact one or two in a hundred, may have heard his name. And yet, he was called the legend on the tracks. This book is a biography of Makhan Singh, who was called the king of the racing path. But he is forgotten by all and the respect which he and his family deserved is still due. The book shows the untold chapters of his lifespan and make people know about his name,achievements, laurels which he won for the country. Its a treasure of motivational and inspirational journey. Everyone out there will surely love the book am sure.

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PR Productions And Publishers is a trusted Book Publisher with an impressive list of talented authors.

We especially pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with both authors and literary agents. These important elements are why we consistently manage to publish such high-quality and popular books. Contact us to find out more.

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PR Productions And Publishers Welcomes You

An Innovative Book Publisher

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